Álvaro "ODck" Pérez.
Game Developer

I just say do what you love. I loved every minute of what I did. If you don't love what you do, what do you have?

About Me

My name is Álvaro Pérez, also known as ODck and I made my first game with 14 years old, never stopped since then. I've not only made games, but all kinds of programs and servers. I'm now focused on mobile platforms, but who knows what the future will be.

I love my work, but I always have a side-project in progress. I love music, travel and I am a writer in my spare time. I also like cybersecurity and I'm up to date in that matter.



I've been working since I left university. I made great friends and met great people in the process.

I develop applications, web pages, databases and PC or mobile software. I have several games published in the play store and I currently work at Hypeful as a front and back end programmer and engineer. I have created a realtime engine in javascript, and a system to streamline live-ops and analytics.

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What tools do I use? I use Unity for video games, and I am passionate about .NET. But I know other frameworks and languages including Java, JavaScript, Python, C++

Game Development

Unity. A powerful, fast, and flexible platform in which you can iterate and deliver faster.

Web Services

Providing services for web, servers, analytics and databases.

App Design

Apps, software and project management.


Mobile apps, Android and iOs development.

Let's talk!

I am open to meeting people within the industry and I am looking forward to knowing what you are working on.

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